Let’s Stay Home Free Printable

I apparently had so much fun making my free Christmas printables (here and here) that I decided to make another (non Christmas one) for you guys. As I have said before I am no pro at Photoshop and have no plans of showing you how I made this print because chances are I forgot already.  But you can download the print I made here. With the cold nasty winter we are having so far this saying is perfect at the moment. Maybe in parentheses I should have included “Only on the weekends…Monday thru Friday everybody should leave me alone”. Kidding…but not really. Dang snow days. Anywho,  I framed this printable just like my “Have Yourself  a Merry Little Christmas” print. I literally just popped out the Christmas print and traced it on a new foam board I purchased at Hobby Lobby so I knew what size to cut the new board in order to fit my frame (that was also originally purchased at Hobby Lobby).

Free Let's Stay Home Printable

I didn’t take my own advice from the first time I framed my print but make sure your board fits correctly inside your frame before you glue the print to it. I didn’t and it was too big (apparently I am not very good at tracing) and I had to make some adjustments after I had the print glued and ready to go. It turned out fine but I was worried that I could have ruined my print as I was trying to shove my board in my frame.

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I also glued this one a little differently. I still used my Elmer’s craft bond spray adhesive but this time I worked in sections. I sprayed just a few inches of adhesive to the top of my board and attached my print.  I kept working my way down spraying and attaching. Again, use a credit card or something of the like to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. The spray adhesive is forgiving so if you need to pull up your print to realign you can. I learned that the hard way.

Follow my directions on my first post on how to print this print at Staples. My print is a 24 x 36 so it will only fit properly on that size.

I just popped my board  with the new saying back into my frame and was done. I’ve been playing this fun game called rearranging and changing my mind where things should go in my house and this print has landed over here for now and not above my couch like it once was. And since I still haven’t put all of my Christmas decor away I threw some felt garland on the print for some added fun.

Free Printable


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