How To Paint Your Interior Doors

I’m a “paint your doors” newbie. I’ve painted my kitchen cabinets before so I figured I could tackle something of a larger scale. It was supposed to be just my front door and that has quickly escalated to 4 more exterior doors and 3 interior doors. It really isn’t hard to do. It might be my favorite quick fix.

How To Paint Your Doors

Items needed:

  • Paint (obviously). I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra (Exterior). I initially purchased this paint to paint the exterior of my front door and have been using it for my interior doors as well and is working just fine. The color is Nature’s Reflection. You can check out more about my front porch here.
  • Angled paint brush. I use this one
  • Small foam roller
  • Painter’s tape

This might be the worst advice you will ever get but I did next to no prep work on my doors. Err-actually-I did none other than a quick dust with a duster. No sanding, no priming. My doors were already previously painted white and they really needed some extra love. Not all of my interiors door will be painted this color but just a few of the main doors will be and the rest will get a fresh coat of white. It’s really not hard…I was at first very intimated by this whole process but once I painted my first door it was all over after that.

Step 1: Trim the panels with an angle brush. I go light with my paint. Too much paint and you’ll get drip marks. I’d rather do three light coats and do it right than two heavy coats and have drip marks. I also edged around the door knob.

How to paint your interior doors

Step 2: Use a foam roller and apply paint to your door panels. I like doing this step right after I edge the panels because it’s kind of my way of double checking there are no drip marks.

How to paint your interior doors

Step 3:

Using your roller again apply paint vertically in between the panels.

How to paint your interior doors

Step 4:

Now go horizontal with your roller

How to paint your doors

Step 5:

Repeat all of the steps again until you have a good even coverage on your door.

Step 6:

Nothing…you are done!


How To Paint Your Interior Doors

See, wasn’t that easy?!?! Takes next to no time and you can’t go wrong with a blue door…ever!


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