Home Tour of Lantern Lane

We no longer live on Lantern Lane. It was a great house and lots of memories were made in that house. I always said that I brought all my babies home from the hospital to that house and I brought my first nail gun and miter saw home to that house as well.  I had a great friend and an amazing photographer take pics of our house for our listing and I couldn’t be happier that I still have these pictures.  For the memories and because it was a rare occasion that my house was ever this clean so I’m glad I had it documented.:))

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I experimented with house projects alot in this house and I didn’t document a dang thing.  Our house was as basic as they came and needed much decorating love. I had some great ideas and some that were complete flops. (P.S. I do not recommend starching fabric to your walls…just a friendly tip.) I had a few more rooms I wanted to tackle on Lantern Lane but I left those for the new owners. I only plan on showing you the pretty rooms for now:) I found old pictures I took of the house before we moved in. It’s amazing what one can do with some power tools, paint and Pinterest.


Family Room:

Looking at this before picture of our family room brings back so many memories. I was NINE months pregnant when we bought this house and moved in 5 days before we had Baby # 1.  I can still smell the fresh paint and new carpet.

The after picture is bittersweet for me. I was pretty busy in this room as it was ever changing. For the most part, my DIYs were pretty easy. I can’t say I didn’t use a few choice words installing the Board and Batten on the back wall but at the end of the day it was worth it.

Family Room Decor

Photography by Jaclyn

Let’s do one more before. Talk about a blank slate…

I hope to do more of some of these projects in our new home but this is what you are getting for now as far as tutorials go.

Family room decor

So I lied just a tiny bit, I do have a pseudo tutorial about Drop Cloth curtains here


Let’s take a hot second to remember what my kitchen used to look like before we moved in, shall we? It screamed builder basic. I lived with it looking just like this for years and I was perfectly happy. But I knew what some paint could do. And one day I just went for it. Grabbed my paint brush and read thousand of tutorials on Pinterest.

After lots of paint, new counters, crown molding above the cabinets (which I will never do again) new lighting and new floors…

Kitchen decor

Photography by Jaclyn

 Yes, painting my cabinets was time consuming and yes, I ignored my family and laundry for a few weeks but we survived and I had pretty cabinets to show for it. I loved it so much I repainted our lower cabinets a different color right before we moved (the idea of moving wasn’t even an option then…ugh). I highly (highly) recommend Benjamin Moore’s Advanced Paint for kitchen cabinets. It went on easy and dried like a rock. It’s not a short cut and you will have to sand, prime, paint and repeat (I’ll apologize now if you are impatient).  I’m sure I’ll find something to paint in the new house but if you can’t wait Pinterest is full of tutorials.

Kitchen Decor

Somehow (and still to this day I’m not sure how the heck I did it) I added crown molding to my cabinets and I raised the crown molding above the microwave and above the fridge to make it look more custom.

Crown Molding

If you haven’t installed beadboard wallpaper  yet, you are completely missing out. There was almost a beadboard explosion in my house because I loved it so much.  It was very easy to install, pretty inexpensive and added so much character. You can’t see it too well from the pictures but I added beadboard to the ends of the cabinets as well. It really helped turn something so basic to custom looking

kitchen decor

I just found another before picture of this shot before I started my mini  kitchen renovation. Holy Moly! THIS right here is my favorite before and after…


Dining Room

Oh this poor dining room. I wish I took pictures of all of the phases it went thru. I don’t even think I took a before picture when we moved in. It definitely went thru the ugly teenage years. It was orange once and then I painted it dark brown. It finally came around with another fresh coat of paint and inexpensive MDF boards.

Dining Room Decor

Photography by Jaclyn

Dining room decor



My office was empty for a while and then turned into the kids’ playroom and eventually turned into my office. I really didn’t need my own office but I had no idea what else to do with this room. This is the room I tried to starch fabric on the back wall. It was bad, very bad… one of those projects you wished you could forget.  Maybe a smaller wall would have worked better (or not-who knows). The fabric came down and became pillows and wallpaper went up instead.  Like my drapes? Tutorial on how I made similar ones here

offfice decor

Photography by Jaclyn



So technically I didn’t do any DIYing in this room but she’s just pretty to look at. She was also a pretty new addition to our house before we moved. I was sad to leave her.

Photography by Jaclyn


Boy’s Room

I’ll end this tour with the very first project I ever did (well my dad helped quite a bit.) This is before I even brought home my nail gun and saw. This is when I realized that I can do so much more to my house to make it our home. I’m not sure why I thought Board and Batten was a good first project to tackle but I did it and I loved it. It really is easy to do, time consuming, but easy and it makes such a huge difference.

Boys Room

Photography by Jaclyn

I also stole from my parents was given with love my brother’s bedroom set from when he was little but I needed a headboard. Challenge accepted. So easy and fun to make. I never knew how much fun a staple gun was until I did this project.

I still haven’t accepted that we no longer live here. I love our new home but I had so many more projects I wanted to do. And the list of projects I’m forming in my head for our new home is getting quite long…my poor husband has no idea either. Bahahahaha….