Lantern Lane Designs

So this page is weird for me.  Do I have to write anything? Kidding, sort of. I am not a wordy person or one that really uses the English language correctly.  But if there is a pillow anywhere near me and if happens to have blue or white in it, I am a happy person.  Pillows make the world go round. I have always loved decorating.  Some of my ideas where/are complete flops and some were genius.  I’ll only post the genius ones, of course!

Ten years ago my husband and I moved into our forever home on Lantern Lane. We brought home three babies and a crazy dog to that house. I did endless amounts of DIY projects and decorating from the day we moved in. Three months after we got all new flooring and all that was left to do in our forever home was to update the bathrooms my husband pulled the “let’s move” card. So here I sit in my new “forever” home with a long list of new DIY projects that are about to begin and all kinds of crazy ideas floating around my head. So while I didn’t document a thing in my first forever home I’m giving it a shot in this one! While we do not live on Lantern Lane anymore it will always be a big part of me and where most of my ideas were born.